"We had an amazing time and were able to let so many people know that BACA exists. The event was incredible and I can't imagine the level of effort it took to put something like that together. We were honored to be there."
Bikers Against Child Abuse - Hoss 

HOPE FEST Arizona 2021

Dear Hope Fest Arizona Vendor!


Get ready…the date is confirmed -- HOPE FEST Arizona 2021 – the 9th Annual takes place on Saturday, September 11th. Our Team is delighted to announce that HOPE FEST 2021 is happening!


As we all know, last year’s COVID pandemic caused many community service events to cancel, HOPE FEST included. Subsequently, it was questionable if HOPE FEST Arizona would even happen in 2021. The HFAZ Team worked tirelessly since the beginning of 2021 to address every issue and challenge to make the Festival possible. Finally, patience and perseverance paved a path through the seemingly endless maze of snarls, snags and jump starts.

Understandably, the lateness of this announcement may come as a surprise and might stretch schedules and resources. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding during these tumultuous times. Assuredly, we are moving forward, and we hope YOU will join us!


Because of the short time frame due to COVID ripple effects -- -- we need service & community outreach organizations this year more than ever. Our primary focus and priority is to serve the Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, their Families, and the vulnerable of Yavapai County through the HOPE Serves Family Resource Fair. Since this year’s event falls on the 9/11 20th Anniversary Commemoration, we want to create a compassionate, honoring Opening Ceremony for our entire Community to attend. We hope to offer the Fostering Hope Award, the Family Fun Zone and entertainment. Can we count on you?

The theme for this year’s community outreach is “Press On!”  Clearly, COVID shook everyone’s life up! Many of us experienced frustration, devastating loss, ongoing uncertainty. It is ONLY because God made a way that this year’s HOPE FEST Arizona is even taking place! That and an endless supply of relentless determination, never-fading hope, love and mercy for our Community. So grateful God never gives up on us.

We are launching a RALLY CRY for our community to step forward to BE PART OF THE SOLUTION to Prescott’s grassroots, local community-service outreach. Together, we PRESS ON out of love for one another!


Businesses, organizations, churches, and groups will, for the 9th year, impact lives of the Greater Prescott Area -- providing connections and services to: Education, Housing, Recovery, Domestic Violence, Mental, Social & Health Care, Veteran Family Services, Adoption, Foster & Elder Care, Employment & Volunteering Opportunities and much more. Together, we are empowered to make a difference – Change IS Possible!


HOPE FEST SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR – RESERVE YOUR VENDOR SPOT. Submit your application and payment ASAP!   *** FIRM DEADLINE – August 25th, 2021 ***   SPACE LIMITEDIMPORTANT that you read the Vendor Application thoroughly before signing and agreeing.  


Ask us about  Sponsorship Opportunities   that includes COMPLIMENTARY registration.


CLICK to view important information:


Do you have ideas to make this year’s Festival better?  We’d love to hear from you, so give us a call or a quick email.


We are celebrating our 9TH year! Let us serve to build a culture that cherishes lasting hope as we PRESS ON together, regardless of the challenge.


We look forward to seeing everyone on September 11th! 


Refuse to give up – a NEW thing is coming!

Jaye Lene & David Long   

Founders / Directors

928-387-HOPE (4673)



Thank You!